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Studio SCARABOCH was formed in 2007 with the aim of producing a 9 minute, animated sample of the comic series ?STRISCE BAVOSE? created by Giorgio Sommacal and Augusto Rasori. Silvio Arlenghi took care of the animation while Franco Colombano and Pierre Ferrero did the editing.

Born in Carmagnola in 1961, he now lives and works in Bra.
Since 1989 he has worked as a comic book artist.
He is best known as one of the artists of CATTIVIK, a character created by BONVI and SILVER.
He also works as an illustrator of children?s books.

Born in Bra in 1959, in 1993 he joined WALT DISNEY ANIMATION in Sydney where he worked for the next 7 years on some television series and then on videos such as ?The return of Jafar?, ?Aladdin and the King of Thieves?, ?The Lion King (Simba?s Pride)?, ?An Extremely Goofy Movie?, ?Lilly and the Tramp ll?, ?The little Mermaid ll?.
He returned to Italy in 2000 and continued his animation work in ?Johan Padan?, various television series and advertisements.
He now lives and works in Bra.

Born in 1969, he attended the 2 year course ?Narrativa Disegnata e Sceneggiatura per il Fumetto?, at ?ANONIMA FUMETTI? in Turin, learning scriptwriting.
He has won a prize at the ?Theatre workshop of Cambiano? as author of the theatrical comedy ?Un?ora per Ridere? as well as the prize ?Scrivere il Teatro? (Writing for the Theatre) awarded by the association ?Premio Grinzane Cavour?.

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