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Personality at the international level in the field of cartoons, Giuliano Cenci currently teaches technique of animation at the Academy of digital arts and new technologies NEMO, in Florence. How professional of cartoons has realized so many "kilometers" of film animation. In his long career Cenci has animated many characters (also other authors) such as the little dragon Gris?, Pimpa, Lupo Alberto, Cocco Bill. He made animations for many short films and TV jingles, and for various feature films, always cartoons, like Lucky and Zorba, Ali Bab?, Momo, Titanic and many more. His most important work however remains the feature film of cartoons: A puppet named Pinocchio (the real story written by Carlo Collodi) completed in the year 1971 with a team of about 50 people between engineers, designers, animators and painters, in five years working and which was distributed in cinemas worldwide. In this film, lasting one hour and a half, Cenci was also director, screenwriter and co-producer, in addition to having personally carried out most of the animations. Excluding the soundtrack, all the processing of this film (one of the few "full animation" made in Italy) were carried out in Florence.

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