He called Luminita Irimia. I studied painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Romania and is a researcher esspresioni nuovi.Y arriv in Naples do not know 'what fate. I left 12 years ago 'Romania my country of origin .From little I had a passion to paint and accompanied me in this wonderful life donatami by a God I know through my human feelings. From the beginning I started this adventure with a pencil and then I passed by 'watercolor charcoal and then to' essence of everything, friends colors, acrylics and these then passed slipping on those oil. Landscape, still life and so many other ways of Painting up to find my artistic expression. Now I consider myself a IronicoSurreale and I try to make fun all you on this earth and 'misshapen and bad serving me of characters invented by my charming d' fortitude.

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