Fabio Masciangelo

Fabio Masciangelo


Born in 1969 in Fossacesia, in the Province of Chieti, painted his first portrait when he was 8 years, and 10 is the clear leader in a school.
Over the years trains his hand with a charcoal drawing, but it will be oil on canvas to mark the beginning of his artistic career.

The works of the artist Masciangelo show a pictorial clearly inspired by the current impressionist end'800, which builds all its art.

Landscapes who loves retracting, strictly "en plain air", are composed through the rapid touches of the brush and take shape at each sitting, almost as if the landscape portrait was constructed in layers, and so the painter works, moving sull'accostamento tone and nuances of the seven colors dell'iride, the perennial search of the effects of light on the landscape that has faced.

Masciangelo may be granted self-taught, an artist observation of the paintings of Impressionist masters, drew the stimulus to develop a technique not academic, who has roots instinctive.
The study manuals on techniques of painting in fact began to limit the expression, to pollute his inner matrix: "Where is the law? There is no law in painting, nor foresight, or color. "

That person is really just an excuse: he intends to paint the atmosphere that surrounds the landscape and capture as much as possible the emotion of every single moment.
In the rare cases where you lucky enough to observe painting, it discovers totally immersed in nature that speaks kidnapped by the fervor of wanting to stop as much as possible every moment of light, color, every feeling that you feel capture and translate.
And it is precisely those feelings fugacit? the ground that leads to the "fat" quickly canvas, avoiding sketches, which deprive enthusiasm in building the framework.
But the work will never be accomplished until the energy released from the painting will not be comparable to what the artist feels explode inside whenever in front of the landscape.

Through his works the artist expresses a strong desire to revive the interest and the pleasure of observing a landscape painting, and risensibilizzare the public to an art that can not be explained, but simply covered, an art that is generating immediate emotions and not filtered.

His paintings are an invitation to enjoy the beauty of these landscapes and magic that those places spreads, and that seems to want Masciangelo tirelessly and febbrilmente chase.
Each painting is therefore the product of the artist's inner emotional tension that translates But in a message of calm, sobriety, peace, and elegance, an instrument of evasion by transferring the observer.

Maria Laura Pierini

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