Bonifacio Castello

Bonifacio Castello


Bonifacio Castello, born in Matera in 1973. He got the artistic diploma in Matera in 1992, then he got the degree certificate at Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence, painting department, in 1996.
Experimental years began, with a special attencion to oil painting on differents surfaces. His research is found on the roots of the Origin, revisiting the first instants of the Creation.
Anthropomorphic creatures springing up inside a breath chaos space of an interior guerrilla... Frantically signs, moved by spasmodic energies, gush from the surface with violence up to become significant matrix.
At the moment he is finishing the History of Art degree, he lives and works between Matera and Florence.

Principal exibition:

One-man exibition of graphic figurative, Metaponto, MT, 1987.
Collective paintings, Il paesaggio lucano, Miglionico, MT, 1988.
Young european artists Collective, Il Ritratto e le sua interpretazione, Firenze, 1994.
Author of the ?Land-Art? project, Il Bello ? dentro, realized by Festa Giovanni, Chita Michele and collaborators, Matera, 1996.
One-man digital photo exibition, Onirico Erotico, Dolce Vita, Firenze, 2007.
Collective paintings and graphics, Energia in Movimento, Laboratorio emozionale, Roma, 2007.

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