Marcello Mangiantini

Marcello Mangiantini


As a young boy, Fabio Bianchini started working as an illustrator and designer for Piccoli Publishing House, Emme Editions and Mondadori.
Since 1980 he has been publishing continually his strips in ?Il mago? magazine for Mondaori Editions.
In 1984 he started creating musical viodeoclips with the Italian majors: CBS (now Sony music), RCA (now BMG Ariola) Warner Bros, Emi, Virgin and many more. Such a job leaded him to work with important singers such as Ivano Fossati, Renato Zero, Vinicio Capossela, Steve Rogers Band (Vasco Rossi?s band ), Mogol and so on?
He realized a feature film with Francesco De Gregori for RAIUNO intitled "Cercando un altro Egitto"(? Looking for another Egypt?).
Since 1993 he has been directing dozens of commercials using animated clips and he has been specializing in the fusion between cartoon and movies.
His clients are and have been: Diaframma s.r.l. di Calenzano, Premiership of the Council of Ministers, Virgin Italia.
In 2000 he moved to Milan to hold the office of animation supervisor for the animated feature film ?Johan Padan alla scoperta dell' America"
Nowadays he is giving movie and animated movie courses for ?Cinema imagine? school in Florence and for ?Scala Group?, a company dealing with multimedia.

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