Studio Caba & Chesi originates from the meeting between Giovanni Basile and Matteo Chesi, two established professionals in the field of publishing, illustrations and cartoon cinema.
After ten years from its creation, Studio Caba & Chesi is a steady and influential point of reference for the most important communication companies, advertising agencies, video production studios, publishers and (public and private) bodies, both in Italy and abroad. Professionalism, organizing and producing abilities and innovation are in service to the most varied sectors of creativity.

- Editorial design, layout and graphics for book and printing materials.
Fiction, non-fiction, educational and advertising illustration equipment.

- Brochures, booklets, leaflets, packaging, catalogues, coordinated images, marks and logos.

Video Production
- 2D animation, complete designing starting from the concept to the post-production.
- Transposition of picture books subjects into animated ones using digital
decoupage techniques.
- Character design.
- Flash animation for web.

Multimedia and Web
- Web-site designing, development and creation using HTML, ASP, PHP, FLASH technologies.
- Realization of: portals, e-commerce sites and database applications based on Access/MySQL/MSSQL.
- Restyling and reorganization of web-sites already in existence.
- Interactive Cd-Rom.

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