Pasquale Celano

Pasquale Celano


Pasquale they Conceal, child of the years 70, is a young graphic freelance, that after having completed the artistic studies in that of Reggio Emilia and various vicissitudes with the academy of Belle Arti of Bologna, (City where he/she currently resides and he/she works).
He has begun to collaborate with the most important Italian firms of the sector of the animation and the Web.
Among his collaborations I am there:
- Falqui (realization of the publicity appeared on the national nets),
- Fastweb (inside site with animations, internet provider DSL CABLE)
- Lumberjack, Video musical for MTV, besides collaborations with television Nets as - RAI (melevisione) and animate short films drawn by books for children.
Party to the in partnership classical techniques of the animation to the web, has realized for a long time other short films that have reached the favor of the popular jury getting prizes to numerous festivals, straight in Japan, to the Festival of Hiroshima.

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