Ivo Milazzo

Ivo Milazzo


Ivo Milazzo, moved young Liguria he began to attend Rapallo grow artistically under the guidance of Luciano Bottaro, Carlo and Giorgio Chendi Rebuffi, the founders of Studio Bierrec?. It is here that, of a story and the other Disney (Uncle Paperone and the disappearance of Paperopoli of 1973, with texts by Jerry Siegel: contributions to the pencils and ink to Bottaro, Donald Duck and the Safari browser, also of 1973, based on texts Osvaldo Pavese of pencils, with the chine Bottaro), knows Giancarlo Berardi, which represents the short story The Blind for the magazine of Horror Sansoni.

The couple after this meeting, except in rare cases, will continue to produce a good number of stories, until, in 1974, do not create a new character, published by Sergio Bonelli Editore (then Editorial Cepim): Series on Rodeo ago, his debut Ken Parker, an introverted cowboy from features similar to plaintiffs U.S. Robert Redford.

The character is like not only the publisher, but especially to the public, so the first guadagnadosi necklace to him specifically on: the June 1977 and will continue publications until 1984, after fifty-nine outputs. In the series and in the management of the character, Berardi and Milazzo, supported by other artists such as Alfredo Castelli, Tiziano Sclavi, Renzo Calegari, Carlo Ambrosini, will bring the lessons learned at the University Bierrec?: always bring a new product, without ever having to fear experiment with solutions that others have not yet tried.

In the following years worked hand in hand with Berardi, Il Giornalino, Skorpio, Lanciostory and a series of stories in black and white for the series Orient Express: only exception to the black and white is a short story in color, the founders, is from a science fiction story by Isaac Asimov. Among the titles on the duo Berardi-Milazzo be reported Welcome to Springville, Tiki, Marvin the detective, Tom's bar and unfinished Giuli Bai. In 1985, with the closure of Orient Express, Berardi and Milazzo begin working with the Comic Art, which will allow them to return to old people and continue Publications Ken Parker.

With the conclusion of the saga of Parker, Milazzo return to work for Bonelli, although between 1996 and 1998 are published in the latest novel of character: just after the founding Editor of Parker (1989), produces some stories for Nick and Raider a special Tex on texts by Claudio Nizzi (1999), first of Milazzo after the dissolution of its partnership with artistic Berardi. In the same year, leaving the Texone, joined the creative staff of the series Magic Wind, however, so the atmosphere of western until 2004, when it leaves the series of Gianfranco Manfredi to devote himself to independent projects like Impeesa - The great adventure Baden Powell, written by Paul Fizzarotti and dedicated to the founder of the boy-scouts, and The Executioner Red, volume written by Francis Artibani.

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