Vincenzo Vitrano

Vincenzo Vitrano


He was born in Trapani in 1972.
After art school in Trapani and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, he began his apprenticeship by publishing short stories in comics for some Roman literature.
He works for almost a year at the Rome studio "Matitanimata" as a storyboard artist on the animated series "Puppies" the "Gruppo Alcuni" for Rai Television.
He has collaborated with Luca Russo (designer of "In certain rooms" - "Look at me stronger" Tunuè publisher) as inker for erotic comics of French publications.
He has collaborated with several publishing houses for children creating illustrations for the elementary school and game books.
Along with his brother Pietro Vitrano, for Cronaca di Topolinia of Salvatore Taormina, Ink The special album Color "Avalonia" entitled "The priestesses of Albion" published in April 2006. Also in 2006 as inker for "Masks" series Antonio Panepinto (publisher Salvatore Taormina).
Realize commissioned designs, it is a portraitist and caricaturist.
He collaborates with the association of social promotion "Dylandogofili" drawing parodies comic Dylan Dog (Sergio Bonelli Editore) published on their fanzine.
In January 2014 public with Arachne Editrice humorous comic "SuperPuork indecent ciociaro superhero" character created along with Sara Cocco girl.
In 2014 is published the horror strip titled "Dead in Love" at number 6 of the horror magazine "Splatter" by Paolo Di Orazio and Paolo Altibrandi (ESH Publisher).
In 2015 he realizes the cover for the anthology of short stories "zombie Spaghetti" in the collective care "I love zombies," and the cover for the "war against zombies novel Diary" written by Nicola Furia. From September 2017 he collaborates for Enigmistica Editoriale realizing humorous strips for Enigmistica Più, Gente Enigmistica and Gente Puzzle (Gruppo Cairo Editore)

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