Fabrizio Federici

Fabrizio Federici


My name is Fabrizio Federici and I'm a drawer, inker and colorist from Rome.
Since I was a child I've always had a strong creative side that led me to degree in advertising graphics and graduate in editorial graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.
After university I attended for 3 years courses in drawing and technique of comics at the Roman school of comics.
Here I learned the basics of comics from masters such as Stefano Caselli, Maurizio di Vincenzo, Eugenio Sicomoro and many others.
My artistic influences range from Italian cartoonists: Sara Pichelli, Luigi Piccatto and Alessandro Barbucci to overseas cartoonists: Will Eisner, Dan Mora and Joe Madureira.
My main style is American comics with a slight tendency also for Euro manga, but I adapt to any style of drawing and coloring, preferring all the way to the realization through digital means.
For now I have collaborated on minor projects and I am currently working on the creation of an independent Graphic Novel.

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