Carlo Rispoli

Carlo Rispoli


Carlo Rispoli was born in 1961 in Grosseto where still lives and works, is married and has two children and in 1987 he obtained a degree in Veterinary Medicine. In 2000 he attended some courses to ?Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art?, the prestigious forge cartoonist talent. In March 2002, the first exit, he is in the final in an exhibition in Milan with the short story "BUCHI & CIAMBELLE". Followed by other works including "SWEETS", "AFRICAPALBIO", ?Frassati, UNA VITA IN DONO". Since 2004 works as a Cartoonist with a major publishing house of Milan.
Currently comic takes courses at the School of Cartoon of Grosseto, and at some Primary Schools.
"SOPHIE" is the new graphic novel in preparation, while collaborating with an American scriptwriter for two projects, a noir and westerns.

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