Tiziana Trimboli

Tiziana Trimboli


Trimboli Tiziana
Born in Rome on 1978.
She attends the Art High School
Between 1998 and 2002 she collaborates as illustrator for the magazines ?Tutto Playstation? and ?Holly Hobbie?

Since 2001 she start to work with Alessandro Scoccia (born in Rome on 1974), dividing the tasks of penciler, inker and colourist. Between November 2001 and March 2002, they collaborate with the magazines ?CruciTanya? and ?L?Enigmistica dei Looney Tunes?.
In 2002 and 2003 they illustrate several short stories written by Daniele D?Aquino and Domenico Ficara, published on the web-sites www.comicus.it and www.amazingcomics.it.
In 2003 the magazine ?Scuola di Fumetto #12? publishes a story illustrated by them and written by D. D?Aquino.
In 2004 they take part in the ?Fumettorama? contest with a story written by D. D?Aquino, coming among the first nine.
Since 2004 they collaborate with the publishing house ?Associazione Culturale Alex Raymond?, realizing the sixth and the tenth issue of ?La saga di Ho Lan? (script by Azzurra Tacente, Paolo Ghiotto and Francesca Da Sacco) and the third issue of ?Avalonia? (script by Manlio Mattaliano).
Since 2005 the couple collaborates with the ?Eremon Edizioni?, realizing the illustrations of the publishing house website and of the book ?Bogus racconta il piccolo popolo ? Gnomi & Troll? (written by Azzurra Tacente).
In 2006 they illustrate the short story ?Fotografie? (script by D. D?Aquino), published in the antology ?Proposal? (001 Edizioni)
In 2007 they published the site www.galassiaarte.it,some illustrations and a comic story called "The Journal" on the script of "razor".
In 2007 they worked with the implementation of the second book in the series of Bogus, always based on texts by Azzurra Tacente, entitled "Bogus tells about the little people ... Fairies and Nymphs ", published in May 2008.
In 2008, the stories create a comic book on screenplay by D'Aquino, "The house infested" and "immoral invasion.
In November 2008, the story "The house infested" is published on the site www.rantolo.it and history "immoral invasion" is being published on the first serial number of "bizarre Sfork" for the site www.subaqueo.it / bizarre
In December 2008 they conducted a series of illustrations on the Greek gods for the site www.mitiemisteri.it
Currently, they are working on the covers of the serial "bizarre Sfork" and they are building the tables for the first episode of the second set of "The saga of Ho Lan" for Chronicle mice, exit at Lucca in 2009.

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