Giovanni Russo

Giovanni Russo


Who we are...
We're a graphic design studio in Padova (Italy) since 1993.

History of our pop-up idea...
Our Pop-up postcards idea (biglietti a rilievo) born in early 1992 and was patented the year later. The first prototype was presented in Christmas 1993 with the popup postcard of BASILICA DEL SANTO, Padova. We started selling our goods in the italian market in early 1994 and at the end of the same year the success of these innovative and amazing beautiful popup cards started growing from the Italian market to Europe and the Rest of the Globe. Now the postcards are sold in all the world starting from the USA, Latin America (Uruguay), Europe (UK, Belgium and Iceland) to Japan. In the Japanese market are better known as ItalOrigami (Italian Origami) and requested as the best idea to improve tourism to Italy and to show to the Japanese people the beauty of the Italian monuments. In these days we are planning a special contract of distribution with a big Company in Moscow-Russia. The Italian National Blind society mentioned our postcards as the unique way to "show" to the blind people how the monuments are made.

Some interesting info...

A special television interview in 2002 was broadcasted on the 2nd channel of the National Italian Television (RAI 2) inside a special newscast called Tg2Net. In this interview our pop-ups and our website were presented as the most Italian innovative and amazing idea of postcards. "...something that you can't loose and that must buy when you visit our nation..."

A special radio interview on Radio Padova was launched on-air this year inside the program Gli Adottati and spoke about our pop-up cards and our website, telling that this is "Paper-Engineering".

Special articles were pubblished on the Italian Magazines ART E', GRAFICA & DISEGNO and
DT&G Design & Publishing

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