Claudio Burlando

Claudio Burlando


Claudio Burlando, 42 years, designer and creatives director, in the world of the communication from the 1987. Its formation is developed to the Ipod (polytechnic of design of Genoa), of which later on he becomes teacher, and it comes marked from two important events: the encounter with illustrious personalities like is Emanuele Luzzati, Germano Facetti, Gianni Polidori, Bruna Artisi, Renata Boero and the study of the Futurismo, his artistic current of reference. Handwriting expert for passion and artist for vocation, in 1997 he creates the Culturart, the art to make slices. His personality and his "curiositas" pushes him towards a continuous search and
allows him to express itself in always new and creative way in the various aspects of the publicity, satiric illustration and in the experimental painting. In 2006 he creates the advertising agency Curiositas.

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