Simone Finotti

Simone Finotti


I'm Simone Finotti and I live in a small town near Venice. When I was 14 I discovered my passion for create adverts and graphics and so I decided to take the graphic designer diploma at the San Marco's College in Mestre. I studied for 5 years in this school and I became in 2006 a Technical industrial expert of graphic arts and communication.
Actually I'm 21 and my passion still lingers and it's also increasing (raising). I can create a lot of graphics for T-Shirts, business cards, posters and so on. At the moment I'm studing at the University to improve my skills.
I?m using only Apple Macintosh for its ease and speed with the help of applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and Flash.
What else to say...... visit my site...

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