Tiziana Lerda

Tiziana Lerda


Tiziana Lerda is born to Wedge (Italy) the 19/09/1975

Resident to Caraglio, completes the artistic studies near the Artistic Grammar school Be them ?Ego White men? of Wedge, graduating itself in year 1993 with a final voting of 60/60.
Carried out in the same structure the integrating year for the attainment of the quinquennial maturity, in the 1994 he moves himself to Bologna in order to attend the School of anatomo-surgical design in the local Orthopedic Institute Rizzoli.
The scientific rigor, the study of the morphology of every subject and the love for the detail matured in those years will be fundamental for the future profession of disegnatrice, undertaken to the conclusion of the course of studies, happened in the December of 1998, bringing back 50/50 a final appraisal of and praise.
In spite of the long hours of training in carried out they, however, it knows them to them operating from Bologna will not be the place of job privileged of the aspirant professional: and too much hard alive it is the love for the magical world of the nature, fact of secrets and details. The natural garden of the house of infancy, the long walks on caragliesi hills, accompanied from photographic releases, will become a stimulus in order to undertake the way of naturalistic designer. A long, difficult way, fact of continuous discoveries and great patience.
But the first confirmations on the talent of the artist will arrive from the international Extension of the Illustratori of Bologna: it will come, in fact, selected in the within of section NON-FICTION for two years consecutive (2001 and 2002), introducing tables of naturalistic character. They will begin, therefore, the first collaborations with reviews and houses publishers.
In years 2000 and 2001 it will realize designs of landscapes and natural products for the review ?NATURAL HEALTH? (EDITION RIZA S.r.l) of Raffaele Morelli and will receive the first prize for the photographic competition ?violati Landscapes?, from the Piemonte Region.
In the 2002/2003 it will collaborate with the review ?Piemonte Parks?, salary of information and naturalistic spreading of the Piemonte Region, with the tables on the Piedmontese fauna.
The successive year will work with the Parram?n Ediciones of Barcelona for the illustration of book ?ANIMALES EN FAMILIA: LOBOS?, work that will come then distributed not only in Spain, but also in Portugal and France. The collaboration with the Spanish publishing house will continue in 2004, for the realization of volume ?ANIMALES EN FAMILIA: GORILLAS?.
In the 2007/2008n it will decide to realize its dream in the drawer: to cure entire the graphical preparation of a book for boys, being illustrated a text originates them of Marilena White man, translate also in French, English and Spanish language, from the title it ?Calipso, small skunk?.
Centralized on the vicissitudes of likeable moffetta an American, the work, waiting for publication, introduces forty tables, some to colors, mixed technique ( watercolor and airbrush), others in black and white, of iper-realistic character, privileging first plans and details of the actors of the history.
Currently the illustratrice is engaged in the production of watercolors.

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