Katya Coli
Illustrator Painter Sculptor
The color is an expression of life.
As a child I always looked at the nature in all its facets of colors and play of light and shadows. The harmony of colors and their unfolding in the most original forms. This led to my passion for painting and all its application techniques: oil, acrylic, chalk, watercolor, etching and collage. An image representing a landscape or a fairy tale character has a strong communicative power, direct. From this was born my interest in the illustration of children's tales, where I delight not only in this but also to write and create groups of lab theme.
Diploma in Graphic Arts and the Institute Pictorial Fellini. Engraving and woodcut with watercolor Master Dariusz Kaca; Illustration with the Masters: Svjetlan Junakovic; Gabriel Pacheco, Roberto Innocenti.
Today I work with the Library of S. John M. where I keep reading of children's and minilabs theme. Decor environments and create portraits on commission or otherwise.
Art is the highest form of expression of humanity.

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