Massimiliano Pezzolini

Massimiliano Pezzolini


My drawings..

Since I was a little boy the thing that came natural for me to do was to draw, paint, scribble, sketch and watch my grandfather paint at his easel. And I, with my pastels or whatever I could find, wold try to imitate him....

Maybe that's how everything began.

Later on, when I had to choose in which direction I should continue my studies, the choice became...NATURAL..., I had to choose the school of Arts,( against all odds; my Arts teacher at secondary school wold say to my mother: "yes he is ok but nothing special..").

The years went by and still this passion hown't left me, it became more intense, it has absorbed like a sponge every single method, trick, astuteness and tecnique..

This it's what it became untill now.... but it is still growing..

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