Alice Alves Esteves de Oliveira

Alice Alves Esteves de Oliveira


Good to meet you!
I am a freelance illustrator currently residing in Italy and I am very passionate about drawing, constantly looking for improvement in my work. I am a fast learner and have no problems experimenting with different mediums and keeping up with a client’s requirements. My portfolio contains drawings made digitally and with traditional techniques, in a grand array of styles to choose from. I have formal education in drawing, through one of the best universities of Portugal, Universidade de Lisboa. I can speak fluent English, Portuguese, Spanish (acquired through the program Erasmus in Spain) and I have good conversational level of Italian which puts me ahead in terms of interpreting projects from all over the world.

Here you can find my CV and portfolio:
Thank you for your time,
Alice Alves Esteves de Oliveira

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