Cristiana Casu

Cristiana Casu


Born in 1973 live a small town in southern Sardinia, love
for drawing and illustration he started at an early age then studied
at the artistic high school of Cagliari. It alternates the work of illustrator with that of librarian for children.
He uses a variety of techniques, tries to give his work the carefree childhood.

Exhibitions and selections
April 2018 - Exhibition #SaveBorsalino - Palazzo Cuttica - Alessandria;
February 2018 - Personal exhibition "Folletti" headquarters of the Library of Monserrato and Tana Lunamoonda - Cagliari;
October 2017 Group exhibition - Slègami 24 kites for 24 illustrators - Festival Tuttestorie Cagliari;
August-September 2017 Group exhibition - The ship and the island. Get lost and rediscover the route in the illustrated narrative. Guspini, edited by Anna Forlati;
May 2017 Collective Exhibition - Young illustrators tell Roald Dahl, curated by Marco Somà - Manta (CN)
October 2016 Group exhibition - Zoccoletti in fuga - Festival Tuttestorie Cagliari;
April 2016 Letter A. - Collective exhibition curated by Chiara Carrer - Bologna;
December 2015 Selected by the Barometz publishing house together with other illustrators for their 2016 agenda;
July-October 2015 2nd edition of the traveling collective exhibition Graf (i) llustra - Monserratoteca - Ca- e Festival Tuttestorie - Ca;
July-October 2014 Traveling group exhibition "I too like Pinocchio" - Alcamo, Castellamare,
Palermo. Ass. Research;
September 2014 Varignana Festival - Bo. (Publication of a table in the Vari.China catalog);
July-September 2014 Collective exhibition Graf (i) llustra - Monserratoteca - CaAprile-May;

January 2018 - Illustration for La Stampa newspaper for #SaveBorsalino;
November 2016 Realization of 4 frames of images for "Benvenuti ABC - Illustrated digital dictionary" - PUBCoder (word - Belly);
September 2016 Creation of two illustrations for the book "historias-da-ajudaris" association Ajudaris - Portugal;

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