luca The dwarf fagioli artist

luca The dwarf fagioli artist


My name is Luca Fagioli or better (The dwarf artist)
I am Luca Fagioli the dwarf artist, graduated from art school in Pisa (1989) former film and theater actor, born in Pisa on November 23, 1960, sixty years old, better late than never. Cinema and theater, which have given me so much satisfaction working with many show business giants, allowing me to travel the world, giving me the opportunity to photograph many emotions with mind and heart. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, you ask too much of life by disrespecting yourself. Ten years ago I was operated on the vertebrae, coincidentally in Florence, it can be said I finished my theatrical career, risking total paralysis, but the passion for painting, drawing, colors and imagination, is there always been. In recent years I have taken canvases and brushes, despite a chair and crutches with a big heart, I play a lot on colors, the heart of shapes, a surrealism that amuses me. As I said at the beginning, I carry emotions seen and experienced, then the beauty of art is that it has no architectural barriers. In Italy there is no great respect and freedom for painting and art in general lately and meritocracy as there is in other countries or encouragement, for those who want to emerge, there is too much bureaucracy. I without abusing presumption, but from an eternal dreaming child I want to become like Michael Petrucciani was for jazz, I want to be for art (If I can't be normal I want to be an exception, an exceptional artist.) This is one of his wonderful quotes. I have done few exhibitions, competitions and group exhibitions, I would like the gallery owner or curator to be more of a coach than an investor in the artist he deserves, but you don't see this attitude much. I have many works and illustrations, many colors and emotions to show and sooner or later it will happen and nobody will regret it, I'm not presumptuous but stubborn. My fantasy is my life and my state of mind, art has no architectural barriers.
The dwarf artist Fagioli.

2012 Collective exhibition in Pisa
2012 solo show in Lucca
2013 Collective exhibition at the Deodato gallery in Milan
2014 Collective Vercelli
2015 Collective illustration on Pinocchio
2018 Collective exhibition in Florence
2018 International competition Luxemburg art prize

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