Elia Bonetti

Elia Bonetti


They have been born to 20 October 1983, to Parma, but alive in province of Piacenza. Ended the studies near srts institute of Parma, is transferred to me to Florence in order to attend a course of comic strips to the international school of comics. In 2006, i begin collaboration, with the study " Inventario" of Giuseppe Palumbo, like illustrator and storyboarder, for Advertising and scholastic publishing. In the same year, I have pubblished to Naples comicon on the first number of anthology " Monstars" published from Nicola Pesce publisher. To Lucca 2007 always for Nicola Pesce publisher I have published on according to number of ?Monstars? I have participated at the last edition of the " festival international of the comic strip of reality, Komikazen" , where they are selected in order to expose my tables to the gallery Mirada art of Ravenna. The same public year a short history on the review Veins Magazine. Currently I collaborate also with various groups of independent comic strip, between which " Monipodio! " ,? La scimmia? and " Political comics". At the moment I have realized for Astorina some tables, for the number of next escape of the Giant Diabolik ?the eyes of the panther?. Regarding Diabolik I have always designed to a special number edition limits for the fair of Treviso ' 07 " Comic strips in tv"
In the fair of Comicon 2008, e' exited my last comic book " Namtar rising" published by Nicola Pesce.

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