Claudia Petrazzi

Claudia Petrazzi


This year I'm going to finish my studies in Visual Arts and Performance' s Disciplines in Perugia. I have a good knowledge in by hand free and geometrical drawing. My passion for illustration, in particular turned to childhood' s world, has naturally taken me close to animation.
In 2004 the publishing house Edimond has published my illustrations for the children' s tale "Bruco Story". Nowadays I'm collaborating with a musical band, Intergalactic Voo, to realize the booklet' s illustrations and the graphical formulation of their last cd.
I have attended a planning and achievement' s course of puppets at TIEFFEU in Perugia.
In 2003 I' ve runned a comics' course organized by 'Scuola Internazionale di Comics' of Florence.
I have designed the concept and the real backdrop choosen from the organizers of 'Archeofestival' (a cultural manifestation that took place in Perugia in 2006) for the concert of Franco Battiato.
The degree thesis I'm preparing is both theoretic and practical. The theoretic part is an exploration of the possible contamination between traditional and sperimental animation, stage machinery (like that of the XVIII century), and illustration. The practical part consists of the ralization of an animated cartoon, made with a checked version of Cutout tecnique (paper carachters with separated and mobile parts, animated with stop-motion). The screenplay I've written is obtained from Ludovico Ariosto's "Orlando Furioso" and transposed in a nightly and metropolitan Paris.
I'm interested in illustration because it's a passion I own since always, for I also know well techniques and graphic methods.
But my future developing will tend to animation, field where I'm looking for work as storyboard or/and backgrounds designer, puppets' animator or modeler.

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