Viviana Schettini

Viviana Schettini


I was born in Puglia (Italy) and I was graduate in Decoration at Fine Arts Academy of Lecce.
From 1998 to 2001 all my works were gone to belong to a private collection in Naples and then they were published on qualified magazines as ?Art Leader? and ?Disegnare e Dipingere? (Drawing & Painting).
In 2006, after a selection, I?ve attended in Macerata at specialization course for illustrators ?Les Bouffes Arts?.
From 2007 some American and English collectors have ordered to me works on paper as: English alphabet with my not much dark and scowling misses as protagonists;
the plates dedicated to my personage: a young girl with her friend the fish.
In 2008 was published:

? IL GALLO CANTA IN RIMA (The cock sings in rhyme) printed by Edicolors Publishing House of Genova, with illustrations of myself and texts of Italian poet Fabio Grimaldi;
? IL SORRISO DELL?APE PINA (The smile of Pina bee) printed by A.G.E.O.P. Association of Bologna to do good for benefit, with illustrations of myself and texts of Italian author Anna Maria Giovannini.

I take up illustration making use of traditionals tools as acrylics, inks (Ecoline, Indian), coloured pencils on paper and cardboard, or of digital tools (softwares) as Photoshop and Illustrator.

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