Jack Seas

Jack Seas


my name is Jacopo Mari, i'm a 25 years old aspiring Concept Artist from Italy.
Having studied your interesting website and appreciated the work your company provides, i wish to propose my application to your kindest attention.

After obtaining the diploma in the Artistic High School, i attended three different schools: respectively, the Nemo academy in Florence, the Event Horizon in Milan and the International School of Comics in Reggio Emilia, where i obtained a Master in Concept Art.
Ever since, i commit my full time to the development of my portfolio and the growth of my skillset, as well as to the learning of new techniques and experiences that may allow me to elevate myself as a Concept Artist.

My biggest hope and desire is to be able to start a professional formation, which i recognize as my ideal next step for my growth.
Hereby, i wish to propose my full interest and availability, by showing you with pleasure my personal website and portfolio: https://jackseas.wixsite.com/jacopomariconceptart
I would be happy to acquire information over the possibility of working in your studios as Concept Artist, should this opportunity arise. The chance of working by your company represents my best and most thrilling perspective, so that i'm glad to offer you my application.
Remaining available for any further question, i thank you for your kindest attention.

I gladly take the opportunity to send you my best regards from Italy,
Jacopo Mari -Jack Seas

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