Valentina Caldarella

Valentina Caldarella


Valentina Caldarella was born in 1984 in Erice (Sicily), she moved to Palermo attending the Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in the course of Painting.
Organizer and participant in various artistic and cultural events, after graduation she specialized in art therapy, creating several creative play workshops, both for children and at the mental health department of Palermo.
Later he obtained a master's degree in "Valorisation of Cultural and Environmental Heritage" developing a series of artistic and cultural projects.
At the same time he develops a brand concerning accessories and clothing, finding his strong point in painting on the fabric, collaborating with various fashion companies.
He discovers the world of illustration at the age of 34 and deeply falls in love with it, realizing that after a long journey of research, the world of illustration represents it in the most true and sincere way.
Probably it has always been part of her, manifesting itself even if late with absolute clarity.
He currently works on some publishing projects, He currently works on some publishing projects, collaborating with various writers.

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