Mirko Benedetti

Mirko Benedetti


Mirko Benedetti was born in Lucca, Italy, May 23, 1975, where it attends the Artistic Grammar school, achieving the artistic maturity in 1994. Subsequently diploma to the International School of Comics in 1997 with 30/30 in Florence. It participates to edition 1997 of the competition "Cartoon 2000" for young authors of comic strips to Bologna, where he is classified to according to place with the illustrated history fantasy, "the return of the tyrant". In the same year it begins to illustrate the first number of the head fantasy Shadowland, for the Starshop, on plan of Marco Di Grazia, ( suspended before the publication). In 1998 it comes prechosen in order to currently realize the tables of presentation of the French comic strip ?L?Empire des sept Mondes ? in plan, of Richard Malka. Later on it collaborates with the publishing house Dogi of Florence, in quality of visual display unit and illustrator, some volumes of the necklace Bravo, (the Middle Ages, the Islam, etc.) published from the Mondadori. Currently it collaborates with the Ambient Laboratory of Pisa, the Unicef of Pisa and the publishing house Erasmus-cd of the same city. Beyond to this collaboration, series of storys, for writer Bartolomeo Di Monaco, in escape in several has illustrated the riediction of one volumes and various languages, and other books. It collaborates irregularly also with the cartoonist Riccardo Bogani.(Lazzarus Ledd - Jonathan Steel) Currently it collaborates with Matteo Macchi to the creation of a new game: WitchWars - the War of the Witches. Beyond to this it realizes works for private that space from the painting to the modellism

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