Valentina Mendicino

Valentina Mendicino


Valentina was born on 6?February 1982,
After obtained a diploma at Scientific High School, she realizes that mathematics is not for her.. So she decides to go back drawing, as she used to do when she was a child.
She graduated in Illustration and Animation Multimedia at European Institute of Design in Milan.
Driven by the passion for design and the search for improvement, she started to attend Brera Accademy in Milan.
She experiments different Techniques of Coloring (Painting, Watercolour, Ecoline, Pencils..). Finally, she chooses a Digital Colouring because she has a predilection for computer science since she was 6 years old.
After collecting several Job Experiences which Increased Her professionalism in Illustration, Animation, Web and Graphic Areas, she Decides to Show Her works in the hope that they will be appreciated.

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