Rita Marizza

Rita Marizza


Art-terapist,illustrator and painter.She's born to Gorizia in 1951 and is living in Gradisca d'Isonzo.She has tought in the primary schools since 1974 to 2004 and she manages numerous artistic-expressive laboratories for children and adults.She privately studies history of art and pictorial tecniques.She attends to school of Nude of Nino Perizi to trieste,the International School of Graphics in Venice,the courses of Illustration of Stepan Zavrel in Sarmede and courses of workmanship and decoration of ceramics.She follows personal studies of fournitures and insides(trompe l' oeil)decoration.In 1999 she effects to acquarello a"Via Crucis"that is published in Italy.In 2002 she elaborate the same with oil on Aurisina-stone:the work,approved by the Committee of Sacred Art is permanently exposed in S.Valeriano's Church to Gradisca.Alway in 1999 she take back the painting oil on tela inspiring herself to passages of classical music that the emotion and personal feelings.Your pictures has found in deprived collections both in Italy that to London.She partecipates and is segnalled to various contests of illustration.She public with publishing houses of her region.In 2000 "Azzurra"disco public on a CD, diffused internationally,her picture"Spanish Simphony".She exposes her works in numerous collective and personal shows in Italy and to the foreign countries.In 2002 she begins the formation in art-therapy near the school of specialisation ArTeA in Milan and in 2006 she graduates him with the thesis"Art-Therapy and illustration for children".From 2007 she's teacher near the schools ArTeA and chairman to numerous conferences.

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