Marilena Maglio

Marilena Maglio


And' an artist autodidactic that is born in Milan in the 1978.
Already from small Marilena has a strong predisposition for the sketch. This will bring her/it subsequently to begin a run of studies on the pictorial techniques and the history of the art.
The first approaches with the art it has them performing classical sketches in black and white using the pencil, passing then to the use of the acquarello and the oil, finally more recently it gives to use in more works the acrylic one.
It doesn't love the experimentation, the classical painting, she is second, the more effectiveness to correctly express and clearly his/her own idea.
In 2002/03 it decides to enroll in the "School of the Comic strip in Milan" in the branch of the publishing illustration. It frequents for two years but because of different views with some teachers it decides to leave and to cultivate the art for love and not for pure commercial purpose.
They don't miss in the curriculum of the artist different important collaborations, personal and collective shows as well as to the beginnings, jobs on commission.
Its preferred subject is the woman, which despite both for definition the weakest being, in the works of the artist it assumes combative characteristics, always strong never vulgar, both that I/you/he/she represent her/it as protective mother that as warlike definite.

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