Bruno Concina

Bruno Concina


Writer, comic-strip writer, cartoons writer, comic-strip translator

Born in Venice (ITALY), 20 August 1942. Married, two sons.
He worked as delivery-boy, interpreter, junior clerk, school teacher, writer, comic-strip writer, cartoons writer, comics translator. He was a teacher in the primary school for thirteen years.
Consultant in bringing-up-to-date courses for teachers.
Pedagogy Honoursdegree at Padova University (Degree thesis: "A new pedagogical proposal: the crossroads comics") (110/110 ? magna cum laude).
In 1999 he has published the essay ?To think the comic strip - Practical Manual? (3ntini).
In 2003 he has published the novel for boys ?A little bird called Francesco? (Salani Publisher). In 2005 ?The man-mother of cats? (Citt? Aperta Edizioni). In 2007 ?Two Reigns-Serching the Empress? (De Agostini Publisher). An other novel for boys will be published in September 2008.
He wrote stories for daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines for children since the age of fifteen.
Comic-strip writer since 1976, mostly with Disney's characters. Comics translator from American to Italian.
He wrote some six hundred comics long stories so far. He invented the crossroads comics (called in Italy fumetti a bivi), published in Disney's "Topolino" (the Italian Mickey Mouse) (twenty crossroads comics stories till now). In 1993 he was awarded with the only prize bestowed till 1995 from "THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY ITALIA": "The Silver Cover" (for his comic-strip writer career).
His series ANIMAL BUS (histories of animals working well salaried and respected, with all guarantees, as animals in a zoo, reentering at evening in their comfortable houses in the residential zone of the city) and SALLY & FAMILY are regularly published in the "Messaggero dei Ragazzi", in collaboration with the draftsman Maurizio Amendola.
Articles and studies about his works were published in: "Corriere della Sera" and "Repubblica". Items concerning his story "Il centenario bullonario" (about the Eiffel Tower centenarian) appeared in nearly all Italian papers.

The crossroads comics appear now in several school books and they are considered an example of "enjoyable implication of the reader taking an active part into the building of the story choosing the preferred plot". Its implicit invitation to readers to try similar writing is considered to be "an important educational experience".

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