Vincenzo Vinciguerra

Vincenzo Vinciguerra


Vincenzo Vinciguerra

Been born to Palermo the 15/04/1976.
They are in love of the art to 360?, give beyond 10 years I take care myself of publishing diagram, illustrations.
I have worked for various Italian editori like: Morpheo Editions, Geva Publisher, Foreign Salvatore Publisher, Review Ink, etc... Currently continuous to work freelance and study painting to the Academy of Fine Arts, Eleonora Of Aragon.
I love to read, the cinema, music but more than all I love to design is with digital technical new them that in traditional way.
I make also animation 2D with the Toonz software Bravo (paperless). I'm one serious and professional, person much and creative one.
"my dream is to dream and to make to dream".

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